“Why choose to build a new luggage while there have already been so many brands building it?” My wife asked me surprisingly when knowing that I’m going to build a  new suitcase, which will be the first product of Ready. I perceived her worries and stress, so I explained to her in detail about every feature of Ready Luggage, including organized storage, integrated scale, location awareness, charging, umbrella holder…I remember she finally said to me, “Edwin, I have never expected I would be so impressed by a luggage. I believe you will make travel a more enjoyable thing for others , as you ever expected!” Well, yes, my motive of creating this brand is to bring everyone a better chance to immerse in the fun of travel. And all this begins with a luggage.


I have pondered for a long time on the question about what would the most suitable luggage for travel be like. It should not just be a shell which is strong enough to bring, nor a toy which is a collection of cool technology. Instead, functional and affordable ought to be its key features. As lovers of travel, we hope our laundry can be placed in order, and our expensive electronics can be properly fixed and protected. Meanwhile, we don’t want to destroy our trips due to the overweight luggage or lost baggage. The idea of solving all problems we met in our trip one by one finally converge READY  LUGGAGE.

Our passion for READY LUGGAGE becomes an obsession. Basically, our luggage is supposed to be durable and able to solve all problems, but we have more expectations for it.


To begin with, “looks good” is not enough, we want you to feel amazing when you first meet our product. Therefore, instead of calling for an industrial designer, we invite a conception car designer who has been involved in Chevrolet concept car design to dominant the program. ( I have collected a 1:6 concept car model made by him, and we are really fond of his design.)


Moreover, we want everyone has his unique READY LUGGAGE. As you can see, there are plenty of reflective points on the surface of luggage, which can be both decoration and anchor point. Ready will provide 10 different colors diamond stickers to you, with which you can design your peculiar luggage. A world map showing your travel tracks, or a portrait for John Lennon to show respect to that age, it all depends on you. Also, READY APP can be a good helper since it can guide you how to stick the stickers after analyzing the updated picture.


Now, we are READY for a wonderful trip, and you?


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