1. Is the battery legally allowed in a carry-on bag?

According to FAA, “ Passengers may carry all consumer-sized lithium ion batteries (up to 100 watt hours per battery) in carry-on baggage.” A Ready power bank is a 38.5 Watt hours (= 10,000mAh) battery. So yes, it is legally allowed to fly with a Ready power bank.

2. How do I charge my phone??

The USB ports are located on the back and near the handle of your suitcase. You can plug charge cable in the USB ports no matter the handle is lift on not.

3.What is a Ready power bank?

To be honest, it’s just a power bank that can fully charge iPhone 4-6 times, and weighs a little heaver than an iPhone 6s Plus. When put into the battery bag inside ready bag, it takes little space of your luggage.

Here is the detailed information of Ready power bank


10,000mAh, 38.5Wh

Output voltage

DC 5V/2.4A


5*3*0.5in (128.5*75*12.6mm)



4. Why do I need a Ready power bank?

Frequent travellers usually has their own power bank, and we don’t want to force you to buy a new one. But if you want a power bank with 100% guarantee to get on board, feel free to place the order for a fully-certificated Ready power bank together with your Ready bag.

5. How do I put the power bank into the luggage?

There is a small and flexible bag, which can also be fixed inside the luggage, to hold your power bank. You can reach the battery easily even your case is full. When there is no battery inside, the battery bag does not take any space.

The max size of the battery bag: 7.1in x 3.1in x 1.6in (180mm x 80mm x 40mm)
Great! But I still have some questions. What should I do? 

Your voice is more than welcomed to us! Please contact We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


  • Hi! Thanks for your interest in Ready Luggage!
    We are launching a crowdfunding compaign on Indiegogo on 7th Feb, and you can help us by ordering there! And in early May, we’ll ship ready bag to the world!
    If you have more questions, feel free to contact us at!

  • How can we purchase a ready travel suitcase I have several people that are interested in the ready travel suitcase.

    Catherine cephas
  • Will this product be available/can be shipped to Indonesia?


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