Following are some useful suggestions while taking a plane.


1. When can I put my passport back into my bag?


After checking in at the boarding gate, you can put your passport back into your bag. But remember to hold your boarding pass so that flight attendants can guide you to yout seat.




2. May I have extra meal on the plane?


Under common circumstances, a flight which provides flight meals will bring exactly one meal for everyone. So unless someone change his flight temporarily, or choose not to eat his meal, an extra meal might not be provided. If really very hungry, you can ask if there is bread left, and remember not to be too disappointed or angry if cannot get one.




3. Why upper luggage compartment near me is full?


Generally speaking, the upper luggage compartment is a shared place. So if boarding late, you may find the place near you are full. At this time, if there are no valuable objects, you can choose to put your luggage into the compartment a little far from you; or if you just bring a small luggage, you can put it under the front seat. If you can’t find a solution, remember to ask flight attendants for help.




4. Why must I change my seat after departure?


It’s ok to change your seat, but better after departure. Since when boarding, there are a lot of passangers standing in the path, changing seat might cause a delay.


But before changing your seat, better ask flight attendants if the original owner of your target seat have a particular ordered meal (ect. vegetarian food, seafood etc) Since there are usually 200–300 passangers on a plane, it will be a waste of time for flight attendants to find the one who asked for the service. Also, if you want a seat beside the exit, better ask whether you meet the requirements.




5. Why must I open the window shade, place my seat in the upright position and fasten the seat belt?


Sometimes it can an annoying thing being asked to do such things while sleeping. But remember, departure and landing an be the most dangerous time while flying, so it’s very important to place the seat in the upreght positon (so that there will be enough place for others leaving if there being an emergency). Similarly, opening the window shade can let ground personnel know if there is something wrong inside the plane.




6. When is the right time to use the lady’s room?


The best time to use lady’s room is when flight attendants get up and offer services. Later, dining car will be pushed out, and then after eating, you may need to wait in line.




7. When can I stand up?


For your own safety, it’ll be better to fasten the seat belt while flying. When departure or landing, standing up can be really dangerous. While flying, never stand up when the signal is lit. Similarily, better not stand up before the signal is off after landing.




8. When can I buy some duty free goods?


Generally speaking, after offering meals, it’s time to buy some duty free goods. But there may be some change due to the mileage length. So ask flight attendants before departure can be a good idea. Or you can refer to the duty free good magazines. There will always be an order form in it, you can fill it first and hand it to flight attendants.




9. Can I ask for blanket?


Except for low cost carrier, airplanes are usually equipped with blankets and pillows. But according to the mileage length, some flights provide everyone a pillow and a blanket, others only provide if you asked. So for a short - distance flight, better bring a coat yourself.




10. Can I ask for extra drinks?


Except for low cost carrier, drinks will be provided. Usually, if there is still some drinks left, flight attendants will be pleasure to bring you another one. But since flight attendants are busy while flying, you might need to wait for sometime.

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