Well, by visiting Barcelona, you can enjoy a culture journsy.


First I would like to quote a paragraph printed on the map of Barcelona,

“Barcelona, a modernism style city, is created by Gaudi. Miro and young Picasso onces tayed here also. Here, you will enjoy the best beathes in Mediterranean and the pleasant weather. It is a paradise for shopping, strolling and gourmet food”



Most travellers here are attracted by Antoni Gaudí i Cornet, who designed almost all the famous buildings in Barcelona. The unique architectural art characterizes this city. Along Gracia Street, you will see Casa Amatller, Casa Batllo, etc. Well, visiting La Pedrera is a must, since it’s called Gaudi's best architectural works.



Locating at the centre of Barcelona, The Sagrade Familia Cathedral is the masterpiece of Gaudi life. The construction of it begins in 1882, and will be completed in 2050. Since the construction is unfinished, you can see cranes in the photo.



When visiting Barcelona, I was living in a youth hotel, whose owner has a habit of collecting money, near University of Barcelona. You can see different kinds of money sticks on the wall, like USD, Euro, RMB, ect.



In front of University of Barcelona is Plaza Catalunya, the centre of this city. At the crossing of La Ramble Street and Pg.Gracia Street are some beautiful fountains and sculptures. Buildings near the square are very characteristic.


La Ramble Street can be called as the most energetic street in Spain. Gathering artists and tourists from all over the world, La Ramble Street is a paradise for street artists and food lovers in the daytime. When night falls, it becomes a playground for people enjoys night time.(Especially the west part like Raval, which has plenty of theme bars.)



Beside La Rambla Street is el Gptic. The most famous church in Barcelona is Sagrada Familia, but the main church is Cathedral de Santa Eulalia, which locates in gothic area. A main church, hosting the most important religious activities or ceremony, can usually be the most important religious building in an area or a city. The main church in Barcelona is a gothic style church, as below.



Museu Picas is right beside the main church. Well, you can also see pictures draw by Picasso on the walls everywhere (like the pic in photo)



If you like old buildings, stay in the old Town where main church locates and Sants-Montjuic. Since most of the buildings out of theres areas were destoried at the World War II, Barcelona looks like a very young city.



Turning right, you will see parc de la ciutadella, which can be called as the lungs of the old town. This is a good place for weekend party or exercising.


South to the park is the Mediterranean Sea.


Well, also if you are a soccer fan, CampNou will on your must-visit-list.



Barcelona is a city suitable for wandering. Wandering on La Ramble, enjoying the wind at Barcelona harbor, waking up at noon in the sunlight in parc de la ciutadella, that’s the reason why I love this city.

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