Part 1


If your parents are still in their prime ages and willing to take some exciting activities, then I recommend flushing. (If not, pls refer to part 2)


Flushing costs 300 dirham/ person. A driver will pick you up from your hotel to the desert after booking. Driving in the desert can be a little like taking a roller coaster.




Activities in addition to flushing are all include in the ticket package, and the main thing to do is to enjoy the desert senery.



Little tip here, since the sand is very fine and the wind very strong here, it’s necessary to give the camera a cover.


Other activities in package are falcon performance, riding camel, BBQ buffet, belly dance and sand painting.



At night, the driver will send you back to the hotel.

Part 2

This part is about the money saving trip.


Dubai is actually divided into 2 urban areas, at one side is Deira, another is Bur Dubai. The two areas, which represents different histories, is separated by the river. If standing above the river, one side is new town and other side is old town.



This river is named Dubai river, and actually is a harbor of the Arabian Gulf. Most of the historic buildings in the area are on both sides of the river, so it’s a good choice to enjoy a boat tour along the river.



If only wants to see the scenery of both side, it will be a good choice to take the public transport, which only cost 1 dirham. Or you can rent a little boat, which will cost around 38 dirham (need bargin).



After the boat tour, you can choose to hang along the coast, and taste some local snacks. For places to visit, I recommend Dubai Museum, Mohammed Cultural Research Center and some wholesale market, in whichthe former two requires tickets.


Visiting Mohammed Cultural Research Center can let you communicate with different people from different culture background and have different religious belief. The ticket that includes a buffet will cost you 60.


The purpose of communication is to let visitors have a deep understand of local culture and costum. The form of this activity is to eat with local people and ask questions about each other.


After satiate, it’s time for visiting the wholesale market. It’s a good way to get closer to local custom freely. And if you find something you like, it will be very cheap to bring them home with you.



And finally, since UAE people have a preference for cats, so there’s another money saving way for this trip is playing with stray cats. (Just joking :p)

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