If you want to find a place which can shock you by its natural views, it should be Hokkaido. So to speak, Tokyo represents the flourishing of Japan, Kyoto represents the history, Osaka represents the custom, then Hokkaido represents the beauty of natural.

Let alone the snow-covered landscape that existing in countless films, the spring sakura in Hirosaki Park, the summer lavender in Furano and the autumn maple leaf in Jeongsan will impress you a lot. Since Hokkaido do not has a large population and pay attention to the environment protection, it keeps natural and etherealize, which attracts travelers most.

The complex geographical environment enriches the natural landscape of Hokkaido, where you can enjoy forest, mountain, wet land. It can be said without exaggeration that Hokkaido can fulfill your dream of visiting Japan.

Following are some tips if you want to visit Hokkaido:


  1. Since sulfur content in water is high, tap water can not be directly drink. If thirsty, you can buy one in CVS, or ask for one in the hotel you live.
  2. There is less ash-bin on the road, so better bring some plastic bags with you. When find ash-bin in station or toilet, please remember to throw corresponding to the garbage classification.
  3. Using cellphone is not allowed on both subway and bus. Most of the public transport has cardiac pacemaker. To avoid cell phone signals affect the pacemaker, better not using it.
  4. The Japanese power supply is 110 volts, and only offer two flat angle sockets. So a voltage converter and a socket converter is a must.
  5. Smoking in public places is forbidden. One can only smoke in certain places where have ashtrays.
  6. If choose to visit Hokkaido in winter, better bring enough sweater and coat. In winter, the temperature can be lower than 20℃. And for shoes, better choose non-slip models.


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