More and more girls like to travel alone today. Travelling is a fantastic thing and also a dangerous thing. Following are some advice:


1. Report your location frequently


Before travelling, let your family or friends know your detail plan, like where will you go everyday, where will you stay, how to contact you etc. Remember to mark the places where have a bad connection.


While travelling, if you like posting photos, remember to delete the location tag. Since social media is a public place, a post with all your information can lead you to danger. Instead of tag the exact place, you can tag the city.


If travelling aboard, remember to buy a local SIM card used as WIFI. Or choose to send short message.


2. Copy all your important documents


Important documents including passport, visa, hotel reservation form, air ticket, travel insurance policy, credit card, ART, Consulate phone number, and other information that are important to you.


Two ways to copy and save:

1) Put a copy into your luggage (apart from your original copy)

2) Scan and send a copy to your email


3. Search how local female dressed


Dress as a local person can be the best protection for travelers. Female dressed almost same with us in most areas. So before you travel somewhere, read some news and see how people dress in the photos.


Following are some places need attention:


1) India.

Do not wear mini skirts/ shorts. Females wearing mini skirts/ shorts are seemed as lascivious. If you didn’t bring a pant with you, buy one.


2) Muslim Countries

Search first! Search first! Search first! Some Muslim countries are open, female could dress in skirts or shorts, but some are not. If you are not 100% sure, stay conservatively. Better buy some local clothing than disrespect local people.


3) Japan

In summer, you can hardly see female wearing sun-top or shorts.( Maybe I travelled to small cities only?)


4) Attitude towards bikini

Not all beaches accept bikini. Search first.


4. Search the common local crime form


There will always be a way for fraud cheating travelers, maybe take a photos with you, bring you to feed the pigeons, disguise himself as a policeman, or scratch your bag, etc. Search for the news or ask travelers first, you can save a lot of troubles.


5. Remember how to call the police and reach native consulate


Every time arriving at a new country, knowing how to call the police and reach native consulate is a must. Search first and set the police number as a speed dial.


6. Buy an insurance


Keep in mind:

1) Buy an insurance! Buy an insurance! Buy an insurance!

2) Not familiar with the insurance policy equals with never bought an insurance.


How to select an insurance? To me, there are 4 important points.

1) 24 hours global English services

2) Overseas medical claims

3) Personal property insurance (including important credentials and luggage insurance)

4) Journey delay insurance


Also, keep a copy of insurance policy with you, so that you can deal with bad situation asap.


7. Remember how to deal with emergencies


Emergencies including (but not limited to)


1) What if I lost all my cash

-Prevent: Divide your cash into 2 parts and put them separately. Search your limit for cash advance of credit card overseas.

-Lost: Withdraw money.


2) What if I lost my credit card

-Prevent: Put your cash and credit card separately, so that you can avoid losing them all. Search how to re-submit.

-Lost: Re-submit your credit card asap! Then fortunately you still have some cash.


3) What if I lost my credit card and cash

-Prevent: Put your cash and credit card separately, so that you can avoid losing them all. Search how to re-submit.

-Lost: Re-submit your credit card asap!


4) What if I lost my luggage

-Prevent: Put your luggage somewhere obvious to you.

-Lost: If bought an insurance, remember to record at the police station, that’s a must when you ask insurance company pay for it. (Also, maybe you can find your luggage back by calling for police)


5) What if I lost my passport

-Prevent: Put your passport in your bag, never pull it our if not necessary.

-Lost: Record at the police station and ask consulate for help.


6) What if I’m ill

-Prevent: Bring some medicine (like dramamine, antidiarrheal agent, cold cure... )

-Ill: IF you are sickly ill, back to your homeland asap. But if cannot get back for some reason, call insurance company for help.


8. Stay in public places


Unless compelled to do so by circumstances, DO NOT stay out at night. Keep an incompact schedule of your trip.


9. Keep in mind with curiosity and vigilance


Talking with local can be the best way to understand a culture of the country. But keep in mind:

1) Talking only in public places.

2) NEVER go to a private place with a stranger.

3) NEVER come to others home unless invited by a family.

4) NEVER get a lift unless the driver is a female or there’re children on the car.

5) NEVER eat anything given by a stranger.

6) NEVER eat anything once out of your sight.(eg. After using lady’s room, do not take the remain food or drinks on the table.)

7) Drink juice if you feel a little drunk.


But don’t be too nervous, most people talk to you because they are bored being alone.


10. Be brave


Although it might be dangerous outside, most areas in the world are safe and welcome female travelers to visit. As long as you well prepared yourself, you can enjoy your trip. On the other hand, we will meet these dangerous things in our daily lives also. So just be brave and go!

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